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Click below for full schedule 

Kid/Teen Classes offered from 3:30-7:30

Adult Classes offered 6:30 and on

How to enroll in classes

1.) Sign into your account 

2.) Click enroll in a class

3.) If you are looking to add a class on tuition click the drop down menu and select summer 2023. You should see colorful blocked daily schedule.Tuition locks you into a class/classes and has an annual registration fee but then it is automatic with enrollment and is a lower price per class.

4.) If you are a teen/adult wanting to enroll in a drop in class then select 2022 Class Card Adult. It should be a monthly calendar with green letters. Drop ins have a one time or class pack option.  

5.)  Which ever route you take click enroll and then confirm

6.) Please continue to checkout. For class card drop ins it will say $0 but click CHECKOUT again and it will bring you to one more screen where you can add class cards. 

7.) Come dance!!

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